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3 wheeler kid's scooter

3 wheeler kid's scooter

Our 3-Wheel Kids Scooter offers enhanced stability and safety, perfect for younger children just learning to ride.

✅️ Enhanced Stability: With three wheels, this scooter provides greater stability, making it ideal for younger children or beginners.

✅️ Adjustable Handlebar: The adjustable handlebar allows the scooter to grow with your child, ensuring years of use.

✅️ Comfortable Foam Grip: The handlebar features comfortable foam grips, ensuring a secure and pleasant hold.

✅️ Foldable Design: Easily fold the scooter for storage or transport. It’s perfect for family outings or storing when not in use.

✅️ Durable Build: Constructed from high-quality materials, this scooter is designed to withstand the rigors of active play.

✅️ Fun and Attractive Design: With bright colors and fun graphics, your child will love riding around on this stylish scooter.

✅️ Smooth and Safe Ride: The high-quality wheels provide a smooth ride, while the rear brake ensures your child can stop safely.

✅️ User-Friendly: Easy to fold and simple to use, this scooter is perfect for young riders.

Encourage outdoor play and physical activity with our 3-Wheel Kids Scooter, offering fun and safety in one stylish package.

    ₹1,899.00 Regular Price
    ₹1,699.00Sale Price

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